About Us

Gaur & Nagi Ltd. is a 14 year old Consulting organization providing complete communication solutions under one roof to its clients. The company is also actively involved in other activities such as Advertising, Market Research, Media relations,Construction, IT Infrastructure Management & IT Education.

In execution, our projects are marked by thorough attention to detail. We believe in providing Value to the clients.

Our Values

Satya (Honesty and truth) and Dharma (Dedication to Duty) have remained our core values since inception. While the scale of our activity, the volume of business, even the very nature of our business may undergo change, we would not compromise on the most basic and core values of Satya and Dharma. These core values are inculcated in every team member of GN.

Our Strengths

Complete Solution provider

Design - Art Director, Graphic Designers, Visualizers Each of them is a specialist in their own domain.

Providing Value to Clients

Our team ensure that, clients requirements are looked into and addressed in the shortest possible time.

Substantial Strategic Thinking

Establishing excellent network with cost effective & quality printers.

Meet Deadlines of Project

Ensure that no deadline is missed.


Shri Sunil Joshi, Director of the Company, has expired on 18th March 2020.

Shri V.S. Bajaj has resigned from the office of the Director of the Company due to his personal reasons with effect from 9th July 2016. MGT-7

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+91 120-4963156